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We are committed to inculcating knowledge into people offering a variety of courses for students, teachers, housewives, business professionals, and politicians.

Irfan Attari has a very impressive track record of being involved in multiple programs encompassing Business English language courses, Test preparation, Customized English (ESP), General English, Personal grooming, Interview preparation, Presentation skills and Content writing. His versatility and flexibility make him stand out. One can hardly find a trainer involved in so many domains at the same time.English language courses are expanding day by day and we have a window of teaching our students the best English Language courses Teachers & Trainers.

Irfan Attari has undergone an intensive training program,under the supervision of S M Yousuf,in order to maintain quality, standard and uniformity in his teachings.

Trainer’s Profile

Irfan Attari is a highly-motivated and widely experienced teacher. He has been associated with the teaching profession for over fifteen years. He is constantly in search of new learning opportunities for professional development.

Apart from O Level English Language (1123), A Level English Language (9093), and IGCSE English as a Second Language (0510), he has been preparing students and professionals for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, MCAT & ECAT for a long time.

He regularly works with YOUSUF’s Institute of English Language as a Trainer of English Language Programmes, and has conducted hundreds of sessions for a diverse range of learners.

He has been a member of SPELT (Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers) and has attended numerous workshops. Besides, He has been IELTS partner with British Council, and has attended workshops for READING, WRITING, SPEAKING and LISTENING.

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