CSS English Exam Preparation:

The CSS Exam is held by Federal Public Service Commission every year for recruitment to posts in BS-17 for the groups/services under Federal Government:

CSS English exam preparation is formulated on two papers.

  • Essay
  • Precis & composition

What’s the hitch in cracking Essay paper?

Essay paper is the toughest one to crack. It has been observed that most of the candidates fail in this paper. It is because they have invalid pieces of knowledge obtained from various available sources and test preparation centers. They don’t express knowledge of rudimentary grammar, complex grammatical structure, range and accuracy of diverse vocabulary with proper collocation.

What is our unique offering proposition?

At Yousuf’s Institute of English language, we won’t let you flunk essay paper. We aim to equip you with the art of well-structured complex writing with innovative style, techniques to improve grammar points and the pivotal role of collocation in writing. A systematic way to introduce general vocabulary and topic-oriented vocabulary.
This will enable candidates to produce proper sentence formation with various complex grammatical structures, to transform simple sentences into complex and compound-complex sentences and to be coherent in their essays. Candidates become eloquent in expressing their views and ideas by the use of proper vocabulary and collocation provided by us.

Important Features

  • All the components of essay writing.
  • Discussion of essay topics with facts and figures.
  • How to prepare the outline.
  • Thorough checking with critical analysis.
  • Techniques to improve grammar points.
  • Focus on sentence correction.
  • How to use complex grammatical structures in writing.
  • Explore the role of collocation in writing.
  • Learn the art of translation.
  • Precis writing tips.
  • List of important idioms.


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