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What Will I Learn?

Prepare presentations with the right type of vocabulary to be able to perfectly transmit their message. Speak confidently in English to audiences of any size and at the same time maintaining full control of the situation.Competently and professionally express themselves in the English language in every area of a public presentation.Know the exact vocabulary that applies to each part of a public presentation, such as starting the presentation, sharing statistics, handling questions and answering them.

Use presentations in ANY type of situation – to large audiences / in business meetings/sales & marketing presentation / too small groups – there is no limit to applying these skills.

This English course can also benefit native English speakers to help them find the right words.


  • Students should already have the ability to maintain a simple conversation in English  on general topics and some simple business situations.
  • Ideally a pre-intermediate and above level of English (a high-level A2 or B1 and above)
  • Not recommended for beginners of English or first-year students.


Speaking in public in English when it is your native language and NOT your native language can be very difficult. This course will give you the necessary English vocabulary and techniques so you can apply them to your own presentations in public. Many different vocabulary concepts are studied, which cover every aspect of speaking in public from the very beginning of your presentation to the very end.

We also share with you the techniques used to deliver oral English and give interesting presentations that keep your audience focused.

All the English language skills learned can be applied to every type of public presentation whether it is to a very large audience, a business presentation, a sale, an interview for a job or a small group of people.

By the end of this course, you will have all the necessary vocabulary, techniques and a lot of professional advice so that you can become a very proficient English language public presentation speaker.

Who is the target audience?

  • Competently and professionally express themselves in the English language in every area of a public presentation.
  • Need English for public presentations / for professional situations / for doing business in English.
  • Anybody, who needs to speak in English, whether to a small group of friends or colleagues or to a large audience.
  • Teachers / Salespeople / Public Relations / University students / Young learners – are just a few of the types of people who might need to face these situations.

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