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GRE is a test for determining the capability and suitability of a student for postgraduate studies. A lot of universities in advanced countries require it as an important factor in admission criteria. HEC – Higher Education Commission (Pakistan) has mandated NTS to conduct an examination, similar to the one conducted by ETS, here in Pakistan. This is GAT – Graduate Admission Test.

Candidates with a minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in the test. GAT Subject test is mainly the abbreviation of Graduate Assessment Test (Subject). This test is mainly conducted for the applicants looking for the admission in Ph.D. programs. The aspirants who want to get admission in any Ph.D. program are required to appear in the GAT-Subject test held under the supervision of NTS.

GAT Preparation Classes

GAT preparation classes have 3 sections. The 3 sections are quantitative, analytical and verbal. The passing mark for the GAT General exam is 50% but the truth is that very students actually pass the exam. The truth is that most candidates who pass the exam on the first attempt are the ones who guess the answers and that is the best policy to pass the exam. This idea has now been negated or changed by Pecans. We do not believe in making high claims, actually, we believe in making great efforts in our GAT preparation classes. After getting the GAT preparation classes material you would actually understand that you can pass the GAT General exam with actually answering the questions.

GAT Exam Preparation

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) General Test Schedule for the year 2016 is now declared by the officials, basically, this test has concerned with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) but the responsibility of conducting exams of GAT exam preparation is assigned to the National Testing Service. This test is for the admission in M.Phil. and HEC Scholarship Schemes. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) General test result is valid for the two years only and those students who have completed sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in this test.

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