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When we talk about communication, it has two major skills “Receptive Skills” and “Productive Skills”. Receptive skills are Reading and Listening whereas, Productive skills are Speaking and Writing. In all four skills mentioned above, WRITING is considered the toughest skill. As an IELTS and TOEFL trainer, I have witnessed that students consider writing as a nerve – wracking skill.

Importance of Writing Skills for Students

Writing clearly and effectively is a significant aptitude for a student. Most of the time, writing a brief paragraph or an essay is one of the dreadful experiences for students in school or even college. If students do not put their efforts to augment the ability to write at a young age, they face great difficulties in mastering the skill when they grow up. This does not mean that a first grade student needs to learn what a thesis or paragraph is, however, primary school students should know how to write sentences coherently and accurately.

Writing goes beyond school purposes, as businesses require employees who have the ability to compose effectively and efficiently. Believe it or not, the digital age has not been able to dwindle the importance of writing.

A good understanding and proper use of English helps students convey ideas, share their views, solve problems, and understand their changing world. English classes with IRFAN ATTARI help students develop essential high school level academic reading, comprehension, and writing skills and knowledge. Learning targets focus on mastery of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary with collocation, critical thinking research techniques, writing practice, disciplined reading, and organizational skills.

Students are able to combine the techniques they learn as they prepare essays, research papers and multimedia presentations. Small class size allows for individualized attention and fosters a supportive environment where students are encouraged to question, express their thoughts and enter thought-provoking discussions.



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